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SCS Executive Research Consulting Ltd. provides flexible research service to both executive search consultants and heads of HR or Company Directors.

Your independent partner
in executive research
for Hungary and outskirts.

SCS Executive Research Consulting Ltd. offers full service from desk research, through identification of candidates within specifically targeted companies, to carrying out a full telephone interview and give a short list of 'hot prospect' candidates.
Additionally, we readily undertake any of these tasks if the complete process is not necessary.
We cut to the heart of the recruitment process - the research itself - enabling you to speed up your recruitment in a cost effective manner.

SCS Executive Research Consulting Ltd. do not outsource any part of the process and will personally handle the complete assignment. Here is the full offering that SCS Executive Research Consulting Ltd. can get involved in - it is up to you how much of it we do:

First step: Briefing
1. Target listing of organisations
2. Name generation, identification
3. Candidate approaching
4. Shortlisting best candidates
5. Reporting
6. Further assistance

You will get as quick and thorough work as possible.
Please contact us for details and to discuss a flexible fee structure.